October 12, 2020

Motherhood at a Glance: Make the Most of Your Mornings

Today is official the last feature of 2020 for Motherhood at a Glance! Thank you so much to everyone who has been excited about this project from the beginning and read every week. I’m so grateful these women were able to inspire and uplift so many others through their strengths and encouragement! 

Stefany Hiatt is our writer today! She is a mom of three living in central Texas. She is a content creator who works hard to empower busy moms to break out of survival mode and make an impact between diaper changes! Today, she is sharing with us how she has created a morning routine to help center herself for a day of service. 

Let me ask you this mama, is the first thing you do in the morning attend to a crying baby, push away a toddler jumping on your bed, or finding something for your young child who seems to think you have an answer for where all his/her toy are? 

If your answer sounds like any or all of the above (or similar to it) then I would highly encourage you to listen up. You’ve probably heard this before, but I’m going to tell you again, and let this time sink in! 

Now this topic isn’t about grace but I do feel the need to say this.... don’t beat yourself up on the days you can’t wake up before the kids or slept through the alarm because the baby was up 4 times. I use to beat myself up because I intended to wake up early but then something would keep me up in the night whether it was a baby or a toddler or just having to pee a million times during pregnancy. But it’s okay to give yourself some grace. 

Start small, like maybe once or twice a week wake up before your kids. See how it goes. Once you’re consistent with that then you can add more days. Also, know there are seasons for everything. If you are have newborn at home this may not be something that will work for you in this particular season of motherhood.

Slow and steady really does win the race sometimes! Especially when building habits in my opinion. With that being said, what can do you in the morning? Here are some things I personally like to do before my kids are awake in the morning. I rarely get through everything on this list but the mornings I even get though one are like a night and day difference between being woken up and immediately taking care of someone else. 

Prayer, mediation, read 10 pages of a personal development book, stretch, chug water, affirmations, visualize your day, schedule the day out, and gratitude journal. 

Then after completing a couple of those I try my best to get some “worst first” activities done. These are things in my home business that need to get done that aren’t my favorite but are the most important. I first started waking up before my kids when I read the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. If you haven’t ever read this book before, I highly recommend it. It’s the reason I even have a morning routine. 

If you’re struggling right now to stay emotionally and mentally strong throughout the day with everything motherhood throws your way, I invite you to reflect on how you can strengthen the start to your day. It will truly change the energy of the rest of your day! 

I hope you feel inspired to make the most of your mornings moving forward this week! I know I feel motivated to revamp the way our morning look! As a recap, Stefany suggests that you

Wake up before your children

Create a routine that works for you

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